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"I met John with as little guitar and music knowledge possible. John was just an absolute joy as a teacher. He personalized each lesson to my skill set and interest in certain genres of music. I cannot stress enough how much I valued my time with John. Would absolutely recommend John as a teacher and just a genuine, kind and caring human being. Thanks John!!"

"John is simply a fabulous teacher! What’s best about John is….he listens and does everything he can to help you accomplish what you want to do. There’s no sterile, programmed lesson plan. You tell him your goals and he adjusts his instruction to meet your goals. He’s patient and not only incredibly talented but extremely knowledgeable. I’m 51….never played a guitar….and just wanted to learn some country songs.  In six months….I’ve already done a couple of open mics….although not quitting my day job :)  I’ve had an absolute blast working with John and encourage anyone and everyone to seek him out for instruction….you will be happy, happy, happy.” 


"Our 11 year old daughter can now read music and enjoys playing her guitar.  We are impressed with Mr. Holaway, he takes time to listen and can mold a lesson to her style."


"John is an amazing guitarist and teacher! Anyone at any level of proficiency should consider taking lessons from him!"


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