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Philosophy & Enivironment

My philosphy revolves around catering every lesson to each individual student.  I strongly believe in shaping lesson plans around what the student is interested in learning.  I am always instilling my students with a solid musical vocabulary and foundation.  Students will find a very comfortable and relaxed environment where they can have fun and enjoy learning music.  I always encourage students to explore their instruments and ask questions.  Questions are always welcomed and highly encouraged during lessons. 

How much are lessons?

Lessons are $120/month.  Each lesson is 30min in duration and given weekly online via Zoom or Skype. Longer lesson times are also available, ask for more details. Payments are due on or before the first lesson of each month.  Please read the lesson policies HERE for more details.

What are your policies?

Click HERE for a PDF of current lesson policies.


Payment Options?  or How can I pay you?

Payment options include PayPal and Venmo.  


Scheduling?  When can we start learning?

The student may select their own day and time for lessons.  However, lesson times are limited and scheduling is based on availability. The time you want cannot be guaranteed, but we can usually work something out.


Trial Lessons?  Can we setup a time so I can just try it out and see?

Of course!  A trial lesson is perfect if you are a bit unsure.  Trial lessons are restricted to (2 lessons) per student ($30 per lesson). Contact me and we'll set it up!

What skill levels are taught?

All skill levels are taught!  Beginner, Intermediate, and Professional Musicians are all welcome.


Absent?  What if I have to miss a lesson?

If the student is absent, a 24 hour notice must be given in order to ensure a make-up lesson is scheduled.  Any same day cancellations will be forfeited.  Click HERE to see a PDF with Lesson Policies for more info.


How old does my son/daughter need to be to start guitar?

It really depends on the child.  As a rule of thumb 10 years of age is about right. If you believe your child has shown an interest and is ready, we will usually set up a trial lesson and go from there.


Well... I'm an you teach adults?

Sure do!  All adults are welcome.  Perhaps you finally have a little time to learn that guitar that's been sitting around?  Maybe you've played for years and just want to learn more?  Adults make excellent students and you're never too old to learn.  So don't be shy, contact me and we'll discuss what you'd like to learn or set up a trial lesson!

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